DVMA Officers Online Voting Submission

  You can submit your DVMA Officer Selection Online using the form below.  

1) Input your DVMA ID Number (the only mandatory field)
2) TYPE IN the Candidate Name or the WRITE-IN Candidate of your choice. 
a) Candidate must be a Paid and Active DVMA Member for the Past Year
b) Candidate must be a current member of the MCA
c) WRITE-IN Candidates are not obligated to take position. Refusal to accept position will default to primary candidate. 
3) Board Member Options (vote for 3 of the 4 candidate from the list below)


When DONE click the Blue Submit Button at the bottom of the input form.
Duties of the DVMA Elected Officers ​​

President - The President shall preside at all meetings, and act as Chairman of any Executive Board meeting. Further, the President shall: Appoint committees as required for various Association functions; Perform any other duties regularly associated with this office.

Vice-President - The Vice-President shall act in the capacity of the President in the absence of the President. Further, the VicePresident shall: Perform any duties regularly associated with this office, or those designated by the President; The vice-president or his/ her designee shall be responsible for obtaining prizes for and conducting the raffle at each business meeting and any other function where a raffle is appropriate. The VP chairs the annual Show ‘n Shine.

Treasurer/Membership -  The Treasurer shall keep a record of and dispense the funds of the organization in accordance with mandate of the Executive Board. He/she shall make a statement of his/her accounts at each business meeting and at such other times as the organization or the Executive Board may require. Further, the Treasurer shall: Collect dues and present bills authorized by the Executive Board; Perform any other duties regularly associated with this office and those of the Executive Board; Disbursement shall be made by the Treasurer only after approval of the Executive Board; Act as Chairman of the Membership Committee and shall screen each membership application as required by the By-Laws. In addition, he/she shall notify members of delinquencies; Distribution of identification badges to members.

Secretary - The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of the Association meetings and those of the Executive Board. B. Keep a record of all business transacted in the name of the Association. Give due notice of any election, appointment, meeting, or any other business requiring the personal attention of any member. Have charge of the papers and correspondence of the Association and its Executive Board. Perform any other duties regularly associated with this office, or those designated by the President.

Board Member (Three) - Board members shall assist the President and Executive Board by performing any duties specified by the Executive Board.

Sergeant-at-Arms - The Sergeant-at-Arms shall be responsible for maintaining order at Association functions, and any other duties specified by the Executive Board.

Tour Coordinator - The tour coordinator shall be responsible for maintaining the calendar of events, making the calendar of events known to the newsletter editor and webmaster on a monthly basis and maintaining and distributing event sign up sheets. The tour coordinator shall also ensure that all event organizers understand and follow the established procedures for planning, organizing and carrying out an event. Event procedures shall be established by the Executive Board. Newsletter

Editor - The Newsletter Editor will be responsible to assure that the “Monthly Newsletter" is mailed or emailed once each month to each member. The Newsletter Editor shall ensure that the newsletter contains sufficient content to be interesting. The Newsletter Editor will make every effort to publish the Association calendar and Association contact information in every issue.
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